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Eco-Innovation to create sustainable solutions.

The natural characteristics of tyres is that they are strong and indestructible in nature.  This proves to have a distinct disadvantage when it comes to disposal.

Only 5% of the 51 million Equivalent Passenger Units (EPU's) are recycled annually. The rest is disposed of in landfills, stockpiled, illegally dumped or exported overseas.

Tyres are a zero waste product - all constituents can be recycled.

Giacci Recycling is committed to working alongside industry stakeholders to effectively eliminate the harmful impact end-of-life tyres have on the environment, health and safety.

Giacci Recycling can site clean anywhere in the state, mine site remediation projects - anywhere stockpiled tyres are causing environmental issues.

We accept waste tyres from all markets:

  • Domestic
  • Commercial
  • Agricultural
  • Mining industries

With a zero waste solution and no environmental impact.

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